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ISHIGAKI is a martial arts club for gay and gay-friendly people.
You can find us in LONDON and BRIGHTON.

If you are thinking about trying ju-jitsu for the first time take a look at our introductory video and read the profiles under our Instructors link - all of us started where you are now.

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Strength to strength

We are a highly successful ju-jitsu and social club with a multi-national, diverse and friendly membership. The name is taken from the Japanese words meaning ‘stone’ and ‘wall’ and, since 1994, we have been pushing limits and setting new boundaries for our members and gay (and straight) people in sports.

Our success, as a club, is due to the supportive and fun atmosphere we create in our classes and in our social gatherings. We welcome anyone who wants to learn ju-jitsu and enjoys a bit of social in pubs, restaurants, parties and group trips.
What's in it for YOU....

Most people come to Ishigaki for the following reasons:
• an interest in learning a martial art.
• to be more confident.
• an environment that supports them and understands their needs.
• to make new friends.
• for high training standards and tuition.

If you are interested in giving us a try, see 'Joining In' for details on what you need to do to come to your first lesson.


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