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Sandy Mackay - 5th dan (godan)

I was already training at a judo club in West London when I saw an advert in the London gay press for Ishigaki. The change in discipline to jujitsu and a better social mix brought me to the club.
Keith Johnson - 4th dan (yondan)

Id done various forms of exercise over the years, but they were always the solitary kind. When I came to London in 2001 I wanted to find something a bit more sociable.
Quentin Parker - 3nd dan (sandan)

I wanted to do a martial art and preferably in a gay friendly group. Ishigaki came up on google.
Lee Williams - 3rd dan (sandan)

I was given a flyer at brighton pride in 2003 but never had regular work hours to be able to go along, then i moved to london and was able to. It was one of the first things I did when I moved.
Brian Hicks - 3rd dan

It was amazingly easy to fit in. There were other people starting at the same time so that is always great because youre in the same boat and it is immediately bonding.
Sue Shaw - 2nd dan

I had been interested in learning a martial art for many years and was unsure what to do. I saw this advertised as an LGBT group and that made up my mind, to train in a safe space.
Omar - 2nd dan (nidan)

I was mugged a few years ago and attended a GMFA Self Defence Class that Sensei Simon was running, I took a sparkle to the idea of being able to defend myself confidently and I went to have a look at the classes run in the club.

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