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Sandy Mackay - 5th dan (godan)

I was already training at a judo club in West London when I saw an advert in the London gay press for Ishigaki. The change in discipline to jujitsu and a better social mix brought me to the club.
Keith Johnson - 4th dan (yondan)

Id done various forms of exercise over the years, but they were always the solitary kind. When I came to London in 2001 I wanted to find something a bit more sociable.
Quentin Parker - 3nd dan (sandan)

I wanted to do a martial art and preferably in a gay friendly group. Ishigaki came up on google.
Omar - 2nd dan (nidan)

I was mugged a few years ago and attended a GMFA Self Defence Class that Sensei Simon was running, I took a sparkle to the idea of being able to defend myself confidently and I went to have a look at the classes run in the club.

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